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(WASHINGTON, D.C.)– Congressman Scott DesJarlais (R-TN-04) officially introduced the Presidential Candidate Cognitive Requirements Act today. 


The bill would amend the Constitution to require that any presidential and vice-presidential candidate prove cognitive competency in order to be on the ballot.


The Tennessee congressman believes that this should be a nonpartisan issue.


Representative DesJarlais said in an exclusive with the Washington Examiner, “This should be a completely nonpartisan issue and all Americans deserve leaders that are mentally competent. How this is not already a requirement codified in law defies logic.”


Like most amendments to the Constitution, Congress will enforce this through appropriate legislation. 


Rep. DesJarlais, a former family medicine doctor, is currently working with the GOP Doctors Caucus to write the companion legislation outlining what tests would need to be passed to be deemed cognitively competent and set up a nonpartisan committee of doctors to administer the test to avoid political targeting.







You can read the full exclusive here.