Appropriation Request

Appropriations and Community Project Funding Requests

Congressman Scott DesJarlais (TN-04) FY 2025 Appropriations Request Form

My office is pleased to participate in the annual appropriations process to influence federal spending levels in the upcoming fiscal year. 

As a reminder, there are three types of requests I can submit to the Appropriations Committee for consideration:

  1. Community Project Funding requests: Members may request funding for up to 15 specific projects in their communities, so long as the projects have a federal nexus and meet other requirements established by federal law, House Rules, and the Committee to ensure only high-quality projects are requested and funded. Example: Provide $500,000 to [city name] for stormwater collection.
    1. Guidance for Community Project Funding is available here.
    2. The Community Project Funding accounts list is available here.
  2. Appropriations Programmatic requests: Members may request specific funding levels for agencies and programs funded in the twelve appropriations bills. Example: Fund the ReConnect program for $200,000,000 in FY24.
  3. Appropriations Language requests: Members may request bill language or report language directing or encouraging specific actions by federal agencies. Example: "The Committee encourages USDA to study the impact of expanded broadband on rural communities."


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