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(WASHINGTON, DC)–Congressman Scott DesJarlais requests project funding for Arnold Air Force Base.


"Pursuant to current House Rules, I am making a funding request for Fiscal Year 2023 for Arnold Air Force Base in Tennessee that will continue to ensure our critical testing capacities for national security projects remain safe and secure,” said DesJarlais.


Rep. DesJarlais requested the following funds for AEDC: 


  • Proposed Recipient: Arnold Air Force Base
  • Address of the recipient: 100 Kindel Drive, Suite B 111, Arnold AFB, TN 37389
  • Amount of the request: $5,100,000
  • Project Purpose: AEDC's Gaseous Nitrogen (GN2) is currently provided by a single liquid conversion plant to the following users: J6, J1, J2, T3, C1, C2, SL2, SL3, 16T, 4T, HTL, G-Range, PWT Plant, and C-Plant. Between all of these facilities there are potential impacts with the Turbine Engine Testing capabilities, Aeropropulsion Wind Tunnel capabilites, Rocket Stand capabilities, Hypersonics testing capabilities, and more. The current facility is located within the explosive safety clear zone of the J4 Liquid Rocket Engine Test Facility. This plant provides service across AEDC. If this plant is damaged/destroyed due to an explosive mishap at J4, AEDC test capability would be negatively impacted. The base GN2 Plant is currently operating under an explosive safety waiver. The plant is in violation of explosive safety standard because it is inside the blast zone of J4. This money will fund the construction of a new nitrogen conversion facility outside the J4 test cell explosives zone at AEDC. This new facility will include all equipment to store and convert liquid nitrogen to 5000 psig gaseous nitrogen and will be tied into the utility Gaseous Nitrogen (GN2) system.


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