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(MURFREESBORO, TN)– Congressman Scott DesJarlais (R-TN-04) released the following statement at the conclusion of President Joe Biden’s joint address to Congress. 


“Tonight, President Joe Biden stood before the American people and unveiled his radical socialistic agenda. Promises of mass spending, a higher tax burden and weakened national security were made. 


To no surprise, Biden began his speech by taking credit for President Trump’s successful execution of Operation Warp Speed. Without the Trump administration’s leadership, a vaccine would not have been readily available in less than a year after the COVID-19 pandemic began.  


This administration has no qualms when it comes to spending. Biden and his team plan to spend almost $4 TRILLION on infrastructure and ‘human’ infrastructure. How does he plan to pay for these job-killing plans? By raising taxes as we are coming out of a global pandemic to pay for his socialist agenda that will destroy this country.


The president’s mass amnesty plan for illegal migrants poses a grave threat to the security of our nation. Biden caused the southern border crisis by creating a perception that our current immigration laws would no longer be enforced the moment he was sworn into office. I am adamantly opposed to blanket amnesty policies. 


The damage this administration has already done will only be stopped by members of the House and Senate standing up and saying that enough is enough. We must come together and work on bipartisan solutions that will protect our citizens and enable everyday Americans to provide for their families.


President Biden’s socialistic agenda proposed tonight is a far cry from his promise to be a ‘president for all Americans.’ I will continue to vote down all policies that attempt to turn our country into the next Venezuela.”