Community Project Funding


Below are Congressman Scott DesJarlais' Community Project Funding requests for FY 2024.

Recipient: Middle Tennessee State University

Address: 1301 East Main Street, Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Amount: 9,400,000

Project Description: Funds will be utilized to improve the traffic flow and safety for the northern perimeter of campus.  Due to the dramatic growth in both the community and the university population, improvements are needed in lighting, signaling and pedestrian safety.  Upgrading university connectors to primary highways and throughways will further enhance safety.


Taxpayer Justification: As the need for continued improvement to the region’s transportation systems become increasingly critical to Murfreesboro and MTSU’s growth, support for the to the city and region’s highway and transit systems affecting students, faculty, staff and citizens of Murfreesboro is equally vital. The on-going community roadway improvements coupled with construction of a state funded transportation HUB, will address City and Federal transportation concerns, utilizing best practices in integrating and coordinating land use with intermodal transportation solutions.


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Recipient: Shelbyville Municipal Airport

Address: Bomar Field, 2828 Highway 231 N, Shelbyville, TN 37160

Amount: $8.9 million

Project Description: To accommodate the growth in the Middle Tennessee State University Aerospace Department's flight training programs, the State of Tennessee has approved the relocation of the program to the Shelbyville Municipal Airport.  The $8,9 million requested is to assist in providing the infrastructure associated with the move, while assuring the continued support and operations of the airports existing clientele.


Taxpayer Justification: Both the Federal Aviation authority and major United State carriers have identified a critical need for professional pilots to meet the needs of our American transportation systems.  It is anticipated that there will be a shortfall of over 18,000 pilots annually over the next decade, with the potential to severely disrupt our nation’s passenger and freight movements.  While former military plots have historically provided a significant portion of our commercial pilot needs, decades long decline in our military forces have exacerbated the availability of trained professionals migrating to the private sector.  Critical to meeting the needs of our aviation sector will be an expansion of professional flight training programs, to avoid interruptions in service to our commercial airline system.


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Recipient: City of Murfreesboro

Address: Intersection of U.S. Hwy 70 (Broad St.) and W. Lytle St. (35.848174, -86.397925)

Amount: $2,500,000

Project Description: The purpose of the project is to create an ADA compliant multimodal access pathway as a safe transportation connector to an existing underpass to provide a much-needed safer pedestrian access between US 70 (Broad St) and Lytle Street.  Heavy traffic and multi-lane crossing on U.S. 70 (Broad Street) impedes traffic timing and safe crossing for pedestrian connections to the Historic Downtown Square, Middle Tennessee State University, government services and surrounding destinations.


Taxpayer Justification: This project aligns with the USDOT’s focus to increase convenience that helps to reduce commute times, improve walkability, and bike ability and boost quality of life.  Additionally, the project is a good steward of DOT funds as it feeds into DOT’s Roadway Safety and Active Transportation, as emphasized in the BIL, by strengthen protections for those who walk, bike, or use a wheelchair to get around and supports pedestrian and bike infrastructure, recreational trails and more.  These funds will provide 50% of the projected project costs and will be leveraged by other local funds that are included in a larger scale project that will provide a greater return on this investment through public enhancements, improvements and economic development opportunities for Murfreesboro and its residents.


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Recipient: Motlow State Community College

Address: 6015 Ledford Mill Rd Tullahoma, TN 37388

Amount: $1,000,000

Project Description:  Motlow State Community College, in partnership with Tennessee State University (TSU), will purchase equipment to invest in a distance learning network that will provide shared courses between our five campuses and for the high schools in 11 counties that receive dual credit courses from Motlow State.  The project will also allow students at Motlow State to take courses from TSU. 

The project is an appropriate use of taxpayer funds because many colleges and high school student who take on-campus courses at Motlow are more than 50 miles away from the nearest campus and synchronous interactive video conferencing solves this problem, providing all students access. Each campus provides a specific set of courses, and all programs and courses are not available at all campuses. Due to the fact many of the students who attend Motlow State are financially challenged and first-generation students, they are more likely to attend the college campus nearest to their home. According to the U.S. Department of Education, 75% of today's students are juggling some combination of families, jobs, and school while commuting to class. This imposes hardships on students who are often also parents or hold a job locally in their community, and many do not have a car. A total 23% of students at Motlow are over 25 years old. This project will help Motlow provide access to educational opportunities to non-traditional students through the creation of our distance learning network. This will allow them to take courses that are not available at the campus closest to their home.

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