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(MURFREESBORO, TN)– Congressman Scott DesJarlais (R-TN-04) released the following statement regarding President Joe Biden’s proposed budget. 


“President Biden has once again proven that his administration is committed to putting the American people last. This administration has created a socialistic spending package that will cause inflation to rise and our national defense to suffer. 


Biden is allowing the Trump tax cuts to expire. His plan will raise taxes on the middle class and increase funding for government dependency programs. Biden is encouraging people to not return to work while the prices of essential goods continue to rise. 


As U.S. adversaries continue to pose increased threats to our country, the president has decided to divert much-needed funding away from the defense budget. Under this budget, the protection of the American people comes last. 


The president is doing what he does best, keeping his promise to roll back all Trump era progress. Our economy is suffering under President Biden’s leadership. Businesses cannot keep going when employees are being enticed by the federal government to stay home and our Nation’s safety has become the last priority. 


Our country was in recovery following the Pandemic. Biden and his team have come in and squandered all progress. We must stand firm in principled economic policies in which our citizens do not bear a hefty tax burden and personal responsibility is demanded.”