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Rep. Scott DesJarlais Releases Statement Regarding Biden Vaccine Mandates

Sep 10, 2021
Press Release

(MURFREESBORO, TN)– Congressman Scott DesJarlais (R-TN-04) released the following statement at the conclusion of President Joe Biden’s announcement regarding new COVID-19 vaccine mandates.


“Today the Biden administration proved just what lengths they will go to limit the freedoms of the American people. 


Federal workers are now faced with an impossible choice, get vaccinated or be fired. Employers of more than 100 people will be forced to either mandate the coronavirus vaccine or subject unvaccinated employees to weekly testing. Health care workers who are incredibly well versed on the vaccine pros and cons are being told they must be vaccinated or lose their job.


All the while Afghan refugees or those crossing our border illegally are granted more medical freedom than our own United States citizens.  


President Biden also announced today that he is stripping states of their rights. Biden has made it clear that if states decide that they will ban mask mandates they will face legal action and federal government overrule.


This is an egregious government overreach. Every American should have the opportunity to consult with their doctor to determine if the COVID-19 vaccine is the best choice for their personal health. 


President Trump led the way to expedite the creation and production of the vaccine through Operation Warp Speed. It was President Biden and Vice President Harris who began a disinformation campaign surrounding the vaccine. 


On September 16, 2020, President Biden said, “Americans have had to endure President Trump’s incompetence and dishonesty when it comes to testing and personal protective equipment. We can’t afford to repeat those fiascos when it comes to a vaccine.”


Vice President Kamala Harris said on October 7, 2020, “But if Donald Trump tells us that we should take it, I’m not taking it.”


It was Leftists who began to politicize this pandemic. I believe in science, I believe in the vaccine, but I also believe in personal freedom.”